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Radiant Borne: Andros by Sauhla Radiant Borne: Andros by Sauhla
Race/Species: Lyralian
Age: 17 (Arc 1), 23 (Arc 2 (Pictured)), 26 (Arc 3)
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 340 lbs.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Elemental Affinity: Earth
Family: Lysandra (Sister), Stelios (Nephew)

+ Backstory +

Andros, a member of the reclusive Lyralian race, was born and raised in a small city for the duration of his early childhood. Nestled high atop a mountain few ever dared to approach, his people lived a peaceful life free from any connection to the outside world of Inanis. Like all Lyralian youth, Andros was raised to fear and despise any races outside their own at the behest of their leader, Elder Abrax. For generations, he warned that outsiders would bring nothing but swift destruction to their way of life and instilled a deep seeded fear of leaving the safety of their mountain.

As he grew older, he began to question why and when the Elder developed such hatred for the world outside. His curiosity for the outside world grew as his sister, Lysandra, told him stories of how she and her hunting party had a fateful encounter with a group of humans brave enough to venture onto the mountain. For several months, they met the humans in secrecy and never once saw anything worthy of being feared from the outsiders. The party finally decided to confront Elder Abrax and his council in order persuade him to meet with the humans and, hopefully, abolish their laws forbidding contact with the outside. But Abrax would not budge on the subject and threatened the party with exile if they continued interacting with outsiders. Their desire to learn more about humans and the outside world too strong, they decided to go into exile. Andros wanted to go with his sister, but his parents and the Elder forbade a child to leave, forcing him to watch as his sister left his life.

Later that night, as his parents were talking among themselves, Andros grabbed a few of his belongings and used the cover of night to sneak out of his house and and beyond the borders of his hometown. Trailing Lysandra's scent as it led to the east, he remembered a detail of her stories about a human village to the east of the mountain. But, barely half way down the mountainside, a raging thunderstorm struck and Andros quickly lost his sister's scent. Andros ran headlong down the mountain to find cover from the rain, but having no knowledge of the terrain, the boy had no idea he was running towards danger.

Running into a clearing, Andros suddenly lost his footing as he found himself falling straight into a ravine. Andros clawed at the ravine walls in a panicked attempt to slow his plummet, but was unsuccessful. Over 30 feet down, the boy's impact with the ground knocked him unconscious instantly, leaving him bloodied and broken at the river's edge.

To his astonishment, Andros awoke over a week later to find himself resting in an unfamiliar bed, covered from head to toe in bandages and casts. He was greeted by a man named Nahele who explained that he was traversing the other side of the ravine when he heard the boy's screams and went to investigate. With a traveling companion's aide, Andros was carefully moved onto a wagon and brought to a nearby town for the medical attention he desperately needed. Even better, the man even offered his aid in finding his sister after hearing the boy's story. Once he was well enough to travel, Nahele offered to allow the boy to reside with him and his family while the search went on.

Taken across the sea to a tropical island town, Andros grew to love the place he now called home. Not only was it inhabited by humans, but also a myriad of different races, all of whom quickly accepted Andros as well. He even struck up a friendship with Nahele's step-son, Kawena, and his nephew, Dyami.

It took a few years of waiting, but at the age of 14, Andros' hopes were fulfilled as Nahele finally managed to track down Lysandra and brought her for reunion with her younger brother. While overjoyed to see Lysandra again, he was more shocked by who she brought in tow: a man and a one-year-old boy. Apparently, she crossed paths with a traveling merchant months after leaving home and decided to hitch a ride with him. They started off as traveling companions until a romance blossomed between the two. Eventually the two married and later had a son together. After a quick talk with her husband, he agreed to settle down in the town and open a new shop so Lysandra could be close to her brother.

But, his life would take a sudden swerve once again when the a strange steel ship descended from the clouds above and landed on the town's edge.

(I've been contemplating this for a while, but I finally decided to scrap my Legend of Zelda story and reuse as many OCs in an original story. Luckily, the backstories for both works were similar enough that I could change a few things around to make the characters work in a new setting. I also plan on creating a profile for the Lyralians to show how different elders and females look in comparison to males like Andros.)

Old coloring:
Original Andros:
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